Thursday, January 12, 2012

RV Contentment - Jerry & Kid's

Jerry & Pookie, Mickey on bottom left with Pookie
    Pookie & Mozart on Couch - Charlie is Center
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Bella, Mozart & Rainy

                                                                                   Jerry - Replacing 6 new batteries in the Golf Cart

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay - in getting ready for the BIG MOVE this year, we have decided to create a "blog" page.
Nothing like Facebook - it's NOT for everyone, it's just for us - family & friends we meet and enjoy along the way.
Are you laughing yet?   I did it,.....I have worked my fat little fingers off learning how to set up and create this "Blog" Page......This is for you, yes - YOU - Our Dear FAMILY & FRIENDS so when we make the full time move and travel all over, you can keep up with us as to our where abouts and what we are doing.  I know I will get better at this along the way, so hang in there  ;-))

So, with all that being said, here is our very first post......New Year's Eve Party at Thousand Trails Peace River Preserve, Wauchula, Florida - Celebrating with 48 other Happy RVer's.  Everyone brought a dish to share, BYOB and two chairs to sit on.  We danced, chatted with old friends and met some Wonderful New's amazing how laid back and comfortable RV-ing really is.  It's so "Unpretentious" - a breath of fresh air - we really enjoy this "simple - no stress" new life style....LOL
Nick & Tonyia

Jerry & Nick
Jerry & Nancy

Bev & Dan

Donna & Richard

Bob & Millie

Cricket & Lou

John & Shelley

Bev & Dan

Nancy & Millie having fun dancing
Jerry & Nancy
Woody & Jerry

Jay & Debora

Jerry chatting with John

Jay & Debora

Jerry & Nancy

Food - Everyone brought a dish to share

Filling our plates

Lou & Cricket

Lou, Nancy & Cricket

Jim & Patty

Bev & Dan

Millie & Jerry

Andre & Frances

Dancing - Donna, Patty & Donna

Dancing - Having Fun
Dan & Bev, Jim & Pat, Richard & Donna, Nick & Tonyia

Dancing & Chatting

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