Friday, January 24, 2014

AUGUST 6, 2014

This is the RV.......41' of "Home"......the White 20" Trailer now houses all the "stuff" we brought along - and No, it's all not going to fit in the RV......So now, the work continues as I go through all the boxes once again to see what will fit, what I want to keep and what I think I'm not going to use.

AND, the View is Beautiful - the Woods, River, Birds & Squirrels - it's all very Peaceful
AUGUST 2, 2014

Truck Packed and Trailer packed to the brim.......I don't think we could have gotten one more item in there......the trip from the house to the RV was good and it seemed like a "weight" had been lifted..... as we drove along the way, I realized the "stress" was slowly leaving my body...... This was a sad time, but on the flip side, a very happy time for both of us.

The "New Journey" has started:  A year later then planned, but we finally made it.
In April 2013 - We Sold our Home to a Wonderful Family - Spirit Filled and Perfect all around.  Little did they know it, they made our "transition" easier for me..... I really didn't think it would be hard to "let go", but it was - Really Hard.  But seeing "their excitement" and being grounded in the Lord made it all possible for ALL of us............So, August 2, 2013 was the Closing and the new journey begins as we say "Good Bye" - The House, God's Garden & Our Boat "AnnaRuth"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

RV Contentment - Jerry & Kid's

Jerry & Pookie, Mickey on bottom left with Pookie
    Pookie & Mozart on Couch - Charlie is Center
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Bella, Mozart & Rainy

                                                                                   Jerry - Replacing 6 new batteries in the Golf Cart

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay - in getting ready for the BIG MOVE this year, we have decided to create a "blog" page.
Nothing like Facebook - it's NOT for everyone, it's just for us - family & friends we meet and enjoy along the way.
Are you laughing yet?   I did it,.....I have worked my fat little fingers off learning how to set up and create this "Blog" Page......This is for you, yes - YOU - Our Dear FAMILY & FRIENDS so when we make the full time move and travel all over, you can keep up with us as to our where abouts and what we are doing.  I know I will get better at this along the way, so hang in there  ;-))

So, with all that being said, here is our very first post......New Year's Eve Party at Thousand Trails Peace River Preserve, Wauchula, Florida - Celebrating with 48 other Happy RVer's.  Everyone brought a dish to share, BYOB and two chairs to sit on.  We danced, chatted with old friends and met some Wonderful New's amazing how laid back and comfortable RV-ing really is.  It's so "Unpretentious" - a breath of fresh air - we really enjoy this "simple - no stress" new life style....LOL
Nick & Tonyia

Jerry & Nick
Jerry & Nancy

Bev & Dan

Donna & Richard

Bob & Millie

Cricket & Lou

John & Shelley

Bev & Dan

Nancy & Millie having fun dancing
Jerry & Nancy
Woody & Jerry

Jay & Debora

Jerry chatting with John

Jay & Debora

Jerry & Nancy

Food - Everyone brought a dish to share

Filling our plates

Lou & Cricket

Lou, Nancy & Cricket

Jim & Patty

Bev & Dan

Millie & Jerry

Andre & Frances

Dancing - Donna, Patty & Donna

Dancing - Having Fun
Dan & Bev, Jim & Pat, Richard & Donna, Nick & Tonyia

Dancing & Chatting

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